About Henna

Henna art is 5000 years old which is prepared with the leaves of plant known as henna. The world wide use of henna mehndi on weddings, eid, parties and other functions is the proof of its popularity. The girls of all ages love to have beautiful and creative designs of mehndi on their bodies mostly on hands and foot. It's an art to use mehndi with such skills and expertise, which looks really amazing and beautiful.

Young girls also use this as having temporary tattoos. You can also put name of your loved one's in henna For over five thousand years, henna has served as a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality in the Arab world[citation needed]. The plant has been associated with positive vibes and provides a link to an ancient age full of good and bad spirits, . Generations of women have used a paste made primarily of dried ground henna leaves to cover their hands and feet with designs ranging from simple shapes to intricate geometric patterns designed to ward off evil, and attract good energy.



Our Henna Artist


She has 25 years of experience with henna art . She started her journey by taking part in small community festivals raising money for charity and other similar events. Soon she was recognised by all members of the community. Dina was first introduced to the art of Henna as a little girl by her mum who taught her how to mix the simplest of Henna pastes and apply patterns on the hands using just a small tooth pick. She came long way by working with various henna experts which equipped her with more skills on mixing as well as application of henna. She has great in understanding client's need.

She has vast experience to work for events such as weddings , birthday parties, bridal henna , graduation ceremonies and various local festivals . Her styles range from Gulf/Arabic henna , Indian style henna , Turkish style , Moroccan style , Pakistani and many more. She uses henna paste/cones that are freshly made by her. She ensures that all what is used is 100% natural .

Dina's passion for art extends beyond her being a Henna Artist alone, she has a keen eye for art in every form. Dina has researched, experimented and studied many different tools and techniques of Henna which has also allowed Dina to create her own unique styles. The knowledge and experience she holds today is benefitted to all who come to experience Dina's Henna art.

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