Message from the Founder's Desk



Blanche is Dreams for change, I have a vision of doing something different to produce the changes in woman outlook and appearance. Above all I wanted women should succeed and thrive with dignity and respect. I have given the Name 'Blanche' to the Saloon so that it flourish naturally over the year to become a name synonymous with hair and beauty care in UAE.



A Few Words About Us


"Blanche means white derived from latin word blancus

Blanche derived from a Latin word 'blancus' means white and pure in French.

Blanche became popular in the medieval centuries in the western European sphere, when one of the royal families named their daughters Blanche. The name was favoured and well received owing to the aesthetic concepts that were popular at the time, where 'a skin white as milk' was considered an epitome of beauty.

Nested in the picturesque Corniche in Abu Dhabi, Blanche Saloon offers a luxurious modern decor and a lively ambience to welcome you in an environment which is not only inviting and alluring but also exclusive. Blanche Saloon boasts of a well equipped talented team of beauty professionals.

Whether you want a new look for a special occasion or want to unwind and de-stress, you can always expect top-notch services from talented stylists who maintain their reputable results and bring a new life to your look. 

Blanche is a service oriented saloon and is luxurious, exquisite and tranquil in order to give you a mini vacation from your stressful and fast paced life! We are known to offer the best, from the choice of products to employing qualifying expertise, we bring the best of services to Middle East's most discerning clients.
From sophisticated socialites to powerful businesswomen, Blanche Saloon has helped them make the best of their natural assets.  

A dream to bring the opulent and decadent attitude to a place in the hectic city and create an urban retreat  of divine wellness.


Why Blanche Beauty Saloon and Henna?


A single stop for complete rejuvenation.


An unwavering commitment to clients


Outstanding service quality


Magnificent atmosphere that exceeds clients expectations

'For that WOW feeling'

  • Let us whisk your worries away..

    You give so much to others, create time for YOU ! time to soothe your stress and rejuvenate your life.

    Begin your journey to wellness in the stunningly stylish surroundings.Take a deep breath and let the gentle fragrance of natural aroma oils waft over you.
  • Our Goal is your Happiness and Satisfaction...

    We want to create an experience for you that will leave you saying "I am coming back soon and bringing my friends! "

Our Work Team

Our staff is not only friendly and creative but also thorough professionals who are trained to do what they do best-making you look fabulous as there's nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients walk out of the Saloon feeling confident and beautiful. They also ensure that every client's needs are anticipated and each experience is unique and unforgettable.  The experts at Blanche combine art and science with passion and creativity to create the ultimate look and to give you a polished yet uncomplicated style with personalized services. The moment you sit in our comfortable styling chairs you are not only going to feel like a star but also be treated like one with our high quality services, to ensure that you look like a diva!

Rather than dictating the latest trends, our utmost priority is to offer styling services that are tailored just for you.

HYGIENE :we give top priority to good hygiene.

HygieneAll tools and equipments are thoroughly sterilized and disinfected after each use Disposables are used wherever possible A proper check list ensures that all standards are maintained. All members of staff are encouraged to maintain a high standard personal hygiene.


trained Training is extremely important to us as we focus on keeping our staff up to date with the evolving trends so you can be assured that our team will be extremely knowledgeable on the latest styles and techniques so you get nothing but the best. Hence we provide training at regular intervals and also invest heavily and ensure that our team gets trained by renowned names in the beauty industry.
Our main goal is to achieve your expectations each time you visit our saloon.